Sounds and Symbols

Welcome to the home of literacy through music!

Introducing Sounds and Symbols™ – a unique literacy through music programme, for pre-school children, based on the book ‘Sound Before Symbol‘ ! The activities in the programme combine music and literacy to build up the vital skills required for literacy success.

Sounds and Symbols™ literacy through music sessions offer lively musical activities with unique musical arrangement to:

  • Specifically target and support the acquisition and development of literacy skills
  • Build many essential pre-school skills
  • Ignite the imagination and engender creativity
  • Stimulate and educate whilst having a great time (fun for Mums too!)
  • Workshops and presentations available
  • Practitioners Literacy resource pack Here!

Are you an early years teacher/student?

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View the presentation to learn how literacy and music are related.

Available as a PowerPoint presentation or PDF.